Helen Butcher is a local textile artist, working mainly in patchwork and quilting. Her
designs are clean and modern and she is fascinated with optical illusions. She was a
prize winner at Festival of Quilts in 2022 and enters competitions across the UK. She
has designed a series of three–dimensional pieces. She loves the ‘light bulb’ moment,
when the illusion jumps out of the work. Helen creates patchwork designs and writes
patterns. She also appears regularly on the ‘Just Hands on TV’ website. Helen works
closely with Norfolk Quilters and was the speaker at our AGM in 2022. Helen has her
own studio in South Norfolk and teaches classes.

Back to Basics - Debra Jarrad Ice Cream Dream Bag/ Wall hanging by Helen Butcher


Angela Daymond is a nationally recognised textile artist who teaches around the UK.
She uses natural dyes to colour fabric and thread and runs dyeing workshops using
Woad and natural foraged plants and vegetables. Her passion is for Kantha stitching;
the ancient Indian art of hand stitching to repair garments. Angela has developed this
technique into her own original art form. She has her own studio in Lincolnshire where
she runs workshops. Our workshop will be preceded by her talk ‘Kantha: 500 years in
stitch’ on Saturday 28th September 2024. It will encompass preparing fabric for
printing, tracing the cow parsley onto fabric, layering up and using differing running
stitches to enhance your work.

Kantha Cow Parsley with a printed border by Angela Daymond


Julia Gahagan is based in Surrey and has previously taught around the World. Her
home base is Surrey although more recently she has concentrated on the UK. Julia
specialises in creating miniature landscape quilts; as well as using vintage materials
and focusing on Christmas projects. Julia has appeared on the ‘Just Hands on TV’
website, and has her own facebook page ‘Julia’s Mini Quilts’. Julia also sells her
miniature quilt kits on etsy.


Debra Jarrad is based in East Norfolk and is a local City & Guilds trained tutor, with
fifteen years teaching experience. She regularly teaches at ‘Sew and So’s’ at Earsham
Mill; as well as running her own classes. Debra likes a mixture of traditional and
contemporary quilting and likes creating textural pieces such as her ‘Through the
Porthole’ wall hanging.

Through the Porthole by Debra Jarrad