About Us!

Norfolk Quilters

Did you know?! - Norfolk Quilters was born in 1980.

  • It was the brainchild of a few ladies who wanted to encourage patchwork and quilting in Norfolk and who wished to provide more social quilting activity to ladies who belonged to the small patchwork groups which were forming around the county and within the city of Norwich. It was to be an umbrella group and hoped to enable members to meet other patch-workers and quilters at meetings arranged at a variety of venues. Two founder members are still members today and they hold Honorary Vice-President status. It hoped to teach and develop the skills of patchwork and quilting through workshops and group quilt making, in the way of the traditional "sewing bee".
  • It also hoped to reduce social isolation for those living in the more rural areas who might not otherwise meet like minded people. These two underlying ideals have not changed over the years although group quilt making is now more often undertaken by the smaller groups themselves.

The Next A.G.M.

  • Did you know?! - The next A.G.M. takes place on Saturday, 28th September 2024.
  • There will be a guest speaker, and this year we will be welcoming Angela Daymond. More information on the Events Page.

New Information for the Website

  • Did you know?! - We are always on the lookout for new material, pictures and interesting quilting stories to go on the site so, if you have pictures or other material which you would like to see on the web please do send it to the Website Editor - There is a connection on the 'Contact Us' page.

Quilt Stand Hire

  • Did you know?! - Norfolk Quilters have 14 stands available for hire.
  • These cost £5 per stand per week (7 days) or part thereof, plus an extra £2.50 for an extra bracket to make a stand double sided. Any damage to the stand while out on hire must be paid for by the hirer.
  • Please contact Tricia Dickson at nq.youngquilters@gmail.com for more details.

PAT Testing

  • More venues are requiring all machines to have a current PAT test.
  • Did you know?! - that Norfolk Quilters can do the test for you at the very modest cost of £3.50.
  • Please email the Secretary from the Contact Us page for more details.

Quilters Quarter Advertisers

Did you know?!  - that these companies advertise with Norfolk Quilters in our magazine the Quilters Quarter

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