12 July 2023

Dear Norfolk Quilter

Please read this carefully it is important information and needs your serious consideration.

Shortly you will receive your August Quilters’ Quarter.  Since the last QQ went to press our Treasurer, Sara, has decided that she is unable to continue in her role.  This means that two VITAL committee roles must be filled if Norfolk Quilters is to continue.

WE NEED A SECRETARY AND A TREASURER – Unless these two Officer positions can be filled at the upcoming AGM then we will have no choice but to move a Motion for Closure.

With your August QQ you will receive a nominations form for committee posts.  Please give serious thought to helping us find members willing to take the two essential Officer posts!

Nominees must have been a member for a whole year and must be proposed and seconded by members and the nominee must indicate. They are willing to stand.Time is getting short because NOMINATIONS CLOSE ON 31 AUGUST!

We need other people to come forward for other committee posts but these two are ESSENTIAL.

Obviously we hope that volunteers will come forward and that NQ will continue but we need you to understand the situation NOW.

The AGM will take place on October 7th.  We will have the usual Agenda BUT, if no nominations are forthcoming for the Treasurer and Secretary, at the point where “Election of Officers” arises we will close the AGM and proceed to an EGM with a motion for closure and other items required for the winding up of the group.  Information about this will be sent to you prior to the AGM if we do not have the required nominations by 31 August.

Membership subscriptions for next year are due on 1 September. You will need to renew before the AGM in order for the Treasurer and Membership Secretary to be able to ensure we know who are paid up members for the membership year commencing on 1 September and therefore:


PLEASE NOTE:  If an EGM becomes necessary then only paid up members for the year 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024 will be eligible to vote on the motions put to the EGM!

I very much hope we can fill the required posts and NQ can continue but your committee takes its responsibilities seriously and feel you need to know now what the situation is.

My best wishes

Linda Jones – Chairman