Young Quilters workshops have had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic, however our Young Quilters have been very busy during lockdown.

Below we show just a few of the items they have been creating.

They have taught themselves some new skills: Tie dying, Knitting, Felting, Origami and using unusual materials.

Tilly's Applique House
Tilly’s Applique House

Tilly’s Appliqué House

Tilly attended her first YQ workshop just before lockdown, and she absolutely loved it. Such a shame it was only the once, so far.

She’s keen to get started again, as soon as we are able.


Wisely using the opportunity presented by lockdown, she practised her sewing machine skills.


Her creation is a collage of her own home, with stitching detail using zigzag, and she finished off the collage by putting a letterbox on the door. 


Well done Tilly, a really pretty, little appliquéd collage!


Tilly Aged 7

Sophia's Tabby Pom-pom Cat
Sophia’s Tabby Pom-pom Cat

Sophia’s Tabby Pop-pom Cat

Sophia spent her time learning how to knit, and how to make this adorable little cat character.


He’s made out of pom-poms, and by using two different coloured yarns she’s created that wonderful tabby pattern – just like the real thing.


 Hope you can bring him to class next time we’re able to meet, so we can all get to know him.

Sophia Aged 8

Isabella's Origami Little Boats
Isabella’s Origami Little Boats

Isabella’s Origami Boats & Pom-pom Cat

Isabella kept busy by learning the art of Origami, and created these lovely little paper boats.


It’s difficult to see from the picture, but they each had a name:
The Destroyer, The Winner, Goofa Doofa, Floater and Trashers Boat.


Her family then had loads of fun, floating them on a nearby stream. But being paper…


Isabella's Grey Pompom Cat
Isabella’s Grey Pompom Cat

She also learned how to make pom-pom cats with her sister Sophia, but for her it had to be a soft grey wool, and she made him little white pom-pom cheeks and a cute little pink nose.


Isabella Aged 10

Esme's Tie-dye backing for her Sampler Quilt
Esme’s Tie-dye backing for her Sampler Quilt

Esme’s Tie-dye, Upcycling, Bunting and Painting

Esme decided to create a unique backing for the Sampler quilt she’s making at Young Quilters, using a tie-dye technique. Such a beautiful, vibrant colour. (And below you can see the piece of cloth being prepared for the Tie-dye technique).


In addition to trying a bit of upcycling, by modifying a T-shirt, and making some bunting, she also painted this chamelon using coffee, balsamic vinegar and tea, and extended her Art folder and chosen items of natural form

Esme's Chamelon Painting
Esme’s Chamelon Painting

Esme Aged 13

Esme's Tie-dye preparation
Esme’s Tie-dye preparation
Leah's Modified T-Shirt
Leah’s Modified T-Shirt

Leah’s Upcycled Old Clothes

Leah tried her hand at upcycling old clothes by adapting a T-Shirt into an off-the-shoulder top, using her sewing skills gained through attending Young Quilters.

She created her own stencils for the butterflies.


She also managed to add the final border onto her Young Quilters Sampler project, and with the help of her Mum she put the quilt sandwich together.


Leah Aged 13

Original T-Shirt
Original T-Shirt


Adele as Frida Kahlo Auto Portrait with a Monkey 1940 YQ
Adele as Frida Kahlo Auto Portrait with a Monkey 1940 YQ

Adele Recreates Artworks

Adele has joined a group that recreates artworks. She has attempted 3 projects with the help of her Grandmother who she lives with:


1 – “ Frida  Kahlo Auto portrait with a monkey”, 1940 

2 – “ The Merchant’s Wife at Tea” by Boris Kusztodiev, 1918
Props: tulle, silk curtain, false curls, soft toy possum. Samovar, porcelain China set and towel are from the family collection. Watermelon, sweets and fruit bought from Tesco.

3 – Girl with a Pearl Earring c1665

This is an oil painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Joahnnes Vermeer dated c 1665.

Adele as The Merchants Wife at Tea
Adele as The Merchants Wife at Tea
Adele Girl with a Pearl Earring
Adele Girl with a Pearl Earring
Ruby's Boardgame
Ruby’s Boardgame
Ruby's Stage
Ruby’s Stage

Ruby’s Board Game & Stage

As well as upcycling some old clothes
and making bunting, Ruby created a
board game for her GCSE graphics course.


She also made a model stage, inspired by
A Linha Curva, for her dance class.



Imarni's Amazing Covid 19 Scrub Top
Imarni’s Amazing Covid 19 Scrub Top

Imarni’s Quilt, Scrub Top, Knitted Bear & Picture

Well, she has been busy!

Imarni made this amazing Covid 19 Scrub Top – It has a dove on the arm, for peace and hope, and a little embroidered arc on the scene. The rainbow was made from felting and on the pocket it says ‘After every storm there’s a rainbow’. You can also see she has embroidered the word ‘Heroes’ on the left arm.

A real piece of art.

In addition she made a ‘Covy’ knitted bear – her first attempt at knitting!

An ABC quilt – her first quilt made at home, and an appliqué cushion.

Her ‘Hands’ picture is entitled ‘Remembering Lockdown’.

Her latest project is a baby quilt made from the clothes that her sister wore when she was born.

Imarni's Covid Teddy Bear Knitted
Imarni’s Covid Teddy Bear Knitted
Imarnia's ABC Quilt
Imarnia’s ABC Quilt
Imarni's Appliqué Cushion
Imarni’s Appliqué Cushion
Imarni's 'Remembering Lockdown'
Imarni’s ‘Remembering Lockdown’
Lucy's Art Project
Lucy’s Art Project


Lucy’s Art project, Bag, Book Cover, and Cushions

During Lockdown, as part of her home learning, Lucy had to draw an inspired building by Hundertwasser.
As part of this project Lucy decided to extend her sewing
 machine skills by recycling fabric. To obtain colours she dyed the material using flowers from her garden.

Lucy's bag
Lucy’s Bag

She decided to make this lovely bag for a friend. This was her first attempt at making a bag. Lucy made her own pattern and bravely decided to include inside pockets and a zip!
The straps she attached enabled the bag to become a rucksack and/or a 

Lucy's Spaniel Book Cover
Lucy’s Spaniel Book Cover



Having created the Owl Book Cover at a YQs workshop, Lucy adapted the pattern to creat her unique cover, with a Spaniel outline on the front. The Spaniel was created in felt and she used fat quarters for the rest of the design.



Lucy’s Black Button Horse Cushion

Lucy made the button horse cushion for an elderly neighbour who used to own horses, and her first horse was black. She was also very sad that she could not meet up with her family and friends during lockdown. Lucy used recycled curtain fabrics and buttons from her Nanny’s button box.

Lucy's Labrador Cushion
Lucy’s Labrador Cushion







The Brown Labrador cushion was made in memory of her Nanny’s dog Bella. Again Lucy used recycled fabric from other projects that she had made during lockdown.



Lucy's Kingfisher Cushion
Lucy’s Kingfisher Cushion

The Kingfisher cushion for her next door neighbours
because they love birds and
 especially Kingfishers.
For extra detail she added beads and used material
that would match the decor of their house.

And last, but not least…
Lily's Wonderful Crosstitch
Lily’s Wonderful Crosstitch

Lily’s Cross Stitch Sampler

You would never have guessed it, but this was Lilly’s first attempt at cross stitch.

She makes it look easy (but we all know it isn’t).