I have recently delivered some heart cushions to the Big C centre at the N&N hospital. As it was raised at our recent AGM that someone in Dereham had been asked for a donation before they were given a cushion I enquired about this from the Manager of the Big C, Jill Chapman. She assures me that any cushions we donate are given to users FREE OF CHARGE. No one is ever asked to donate. If they choose to do so that is merely a personal decision and there is no pressure of any kind for them to do so.

Our cushions are only available at the Big C Centres in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn. She cannot comment on what happens at other places. The notice by the cushions clearly says take a free support cushion. Hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

Pat Lowe                                  Projects – Heart Chushions

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My thanks to the ladies who gave me eight incubator quilts and eight Last Cuddle quilts and also thanks for the wonderful knitted jackets and bonnets. These have now been delivered to the Neo-natal ICU in Norwich. The Unit Manager sends her thanks to everyone involved and they are very much appreciated.

Incubator quilts need to be cotton top and back and 36 inches square, wadding durable and washable. Last Cuddle quilts can have a fleece back if you wish and should be about 24 inches square. Colours are your choice but don’t forget the boys please!

As always I am happy to deliver any quilts, knitted baby items or cushions to the N&N. So, if you have any please contact me, Pat Lowe, to arrange collection. If you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My details are given in the committee listing as I am the Archive Officer. Many thanks.

Pat Lowe                               Project – Special Care Babies