Here are a couple of tutorials produced by Heirloom Creations which we, Jennifer and Kate, found on YouTube. We know there are numerous ways to do anything in patchwork and quilting, but found these to be straightforward and informative without telling us things we already know.

How wide to cut your strips is a matter of personal preference, Jennifer prefers to cut 2.5″ strips, whilst I prefer 2.25″, but nothing is set in stone! The end of the first video shows how to cut your wadding so that you get a fuller, padded binding, which is preferred by judges. For that you would probably need at least the 2.5″ strips.

Don’t forget to watch the second video because it has a refinement. Also, we will soon be posting a blog entry on how to do extra wide mitred binding.

If you would like to visit their blog, after watching these videos of course, here is a connection. >>>>>

[space size=”10px”] This second video shows how to streamline the final join on the binding.

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  • Really pleased with these videos. The first one I liked the way the diagonal joins were done when making the binding. I haven’t got one of those mat things for the machine so I put some masking tape on and drew a line; worked a treat. The second one – I have given it a try, fully expecting it to go wrong … it went absolutely right.

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