ALTAR CLOTH by Jill Sharpe

[space size=”50px”] This beautiful Altar cloth, designed and made by Jill Sharpe for St Catherine’s Chapel in Norwich Cathedral, has involved 6 months of intense work from the design stage and dyeing the silk fabric through to construction using around … Read More

Coasters as Inspiration

One happy outcome of NQ Get-Together Days is the inspiration of seeing and hearing about others’ projects and ideas. I was inspired by the coasters produced by the Young Quilters and shown off at Attleborough. What an excellent idea for … Read More

Railway Quilters News

At the beginning of 2015 The Railway Quilters, who meet in Overstrand, decided they would like to make a quilt – or two – for the Linus Project and in particular for teenage boys. Two of us went shopping for … Read More

Desert Sands

My conservatory curtain has been closed for three weeks, ever since it went up in fact. No, it’s not that I’m hiding from the world and nor that it’s keeping me cosy from draughts; it’s just that I love the … Read More