AGM 2015

At the AGM 2015 the Christina Goose Trophy was awarded to Margaret Currie and Tricia Vint.

The trophy is presented each year. Sometimes for just winning the Chairman’s Challenge; I say just, but I have never won it. Occasionally, it is awarded for noteworthy effort on behalf of Norfolk Quilters and that was the case this year.

Margaret Currie retired from the committee this year after being the Norfolk Quilters, Young Quilters Coordinator for the last 3 years. When Margaret took on the role we had no Young Quilters so she, with Tricia Vint helping, took this role from nothing to having enthusiastic young patchworkers from the ages 8 to 16. Indeed the 1st prize in the Exhibition this year was made by the youngsters (the photograph is the first one in the exhibition gallery).

Margaret and Tricia not only ran the workshops, they prepared all of the packs for the projects undertaken and in addition to that they worked tirelessly at fundraising to buy equipment, including a sewing machine. They truly deserved the award.


Message of thanks from Margaret and Tricia:


Tricia Vint and I would like to thank you all for awarding us this prize for our work with the Young Quilters.

We both much appreciate this recognition. We have had a wonderful three years working with these delightful young people. We hope they now have skills that they will use in many ways in their future lives and continue to enjoy all that quilting has to offer. We wish them success for their future and will watch their progress with interest.

Our best wishes go to them and all the adult helpers.

Margaret Currie and Tricia Vint